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The African Violet Association of Australia, Inc was formed to promote a better understanding of the culture of the Gesneriad family.

The most widely known of this family is the African violet (Saintpaulia). Other members of the gesneriad family including Columneas, Achimenes, Kohlerias, Episcias, Nematanthus, Sinningias, Aeschynanthus and Gloxinia are slowly becoming more popular.

The Association holds both day and evening meetings throughout the year at Burwood RSL Club, 96 Shaftesbury Road, Burwood NSW.

What are the benefits of membership?

1. Regular meetings provide informative talks and demonstrations as well as interaction with other growers

2. Meetings include a mini-show of plants where a selection of plants at their best is exhibited to members

3. There is a library of books about African violets and Gesneriads available to members at meetings

4. Each meeting has a plant sales table where members may purchase plants unavailable outside of hobby growing.

5. At meetings members are able to purchase all the supplies they will need for growing African violets and all the other gesneriads as well as a large selection of plants.

6. The Association magazine, The African Violet is provided to all members, either by email or by post. Click on the image at right to download a sample copy of "The African Violet"


Here are more details of our upcoming Meetings.

Here you can see some photographs of plants exhibited at some of our meetings.


The 2017 Annual Show will be held in the Burwood RSL Club, on 4 & 5 November.

Photographs from the 2016 show are available here


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The African Violet


For a useful and informative free newsletter about African violets go to the African Violets for Everyone website and download "The African Violet Way"