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The Charles Lawn Collection of Beautiful Gesneriad Hybrids

Charles Lawn - 1921 - 2018

A renowned Gesneriad hybridiser, grower and good friend to the Association and its members, Charles passed away on 19 April 2018. He will long be remembered for his beautiful plants and for the kind and generous man he was.
Many will already know about Charles’ war service and that it was after that he took up growing his Gloxies (Sinningia speciosa hybrids to us). It wasn’t long before he was winning prizes and medals for his growing. He started to hybridise these plants with outstanding success.
Charles didn’t only grow Sinningia speciosa. He grew many different types of Gesneriads and hybridised with them as well. Not confining himself to Gesneriads though, Charles also grew (wonderfully well) ferns, Begonias, Bromeliads and many other sorts of plants. He exhibited and won awards with them too. But it was his Gesneriads, and in particular his Gloxies that won him world-wide fame. He was in touch with many overseas growers and many owe some of their expertise and knowledge to Charles.
Evelyn, his wife and support of many years died a couple of years ago and Charles with increasing frailty had to entirely give up his plants and move into an assisted living facility.
The above is taken from the May issue of "The African Violet", the Association's newsmagazine. 

Photographs of Charles Lawn's hybrids

Many of the photographs here of Charles Lawn's hybrids have been taken over a long period and in different places. Some were taken at Charles' own glasshouses, others at shows and exhibitions and others in the collections of other growers.
It is hoped that other photos will come to hand over time and they will be added.

Gloxinia speciosa hybrids - single
Gloxinia speciosa hybrids - double
Charles' Glasshouses

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